Chile Wood Industry Company

Chile Wood Industry Company is a production plant specializing in wood import and export in Chile, mainly production and sales of various specifications of plywood.
With the rapid growth of the business, to meet the increasing demand, cranes need to be added in the factory, which used to lift the 20 ft and 40ft containers full of cargo to the truck to better improve the efficiency of production.
Through overall and detailed communication, accordingly to client’s actual demands We recommend CWB Series Semi-Gantry Crane to client.
In Nov. 2016, Clescrane and Chile Wood Industry Company reached cooperation and signed 1 set of CWB Series Semi-Gantry Crane.(CWB(25+25)T-15M, H=10.5M A5)
Chile Wood Industry Company is very satisfied with solution and products of Clescrane, showing big interest to purchase other models of overhead cranes to promote its production efficiency.


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