Ghana Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd.

It is an international Construction &Engineering company, founded in 2000, head office in Ghana. Currently set up branches in DR Congo, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.
Ghana Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in the design, manufacture and installation of steel structure plant.
With the development need in recent years, new cranes need to be purchased for lifting steel structural parts of the new plant.
Ghana Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd. is very satisfied with overhead crane solution provided by CLESCRANE. In Aug. 2016, It signed contract with CLESCRANE for 1 set of CHS Series overhead crane(CHS8t-18.53m H=6m A5).
New crane has been put into use, rapid and efficient handling greatly improve the daily efficiency. Ghana Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd. is very satisfied with products and service of CLESCRANE. Clescrane continues to provide clients with the best, safest and most suitable solutions.


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